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In Memory of Ferdinand Lips

Since the death of my father, Ferdinand Lips, I have been contacted time and again regarding his body of work and accomplishments. This has convinced me there is a desire to keep my father’s thoughts and philosophy alive.

Thanks to the support and interest of various people, this website has been set up. It aims to provide insight into the work of Ferdinand Lips, his ideas and his perspectives. I look forward to your interest in this platform and hope it will lead to a lively exchange of opinions and feedback so that my father’s knowledge remains active and may be passed on to as many people as possible.


 Barbara Lips


Gold, Freedom and the Search for Truth

This page is a tribute to an exceptional person and outstanding personality: Ferdinand Lips spent decades pondering classical Liberalism and, together with this, the history of money. Why? Because he believed money (i.e. gold) and human freedom were inextricably linked to each other.

In an age in which the nations of this world gain more power each day and the schools teach only the lessons that serve the respective government and its ruling class, and in which the media has largely sold its independence and no longer sees its role as critical scrutiny and objective reporting, but rather allows itself to be misused as an instrument of public deception, we are in dire need of the knowledge and teachings that have been built up over centuries and made a decisive contribution to the enormous growth of the individual nations and thus also to the rise of a broad middle class.

Ferdinand Lips knew we are now in a system that will ultimately lead to a loss of individual freedom and rob humanity of its wealth. He was convinced this path toward enslavement could only be averted through awakening an interest in people for a basic knowledge of economic and social history. He therefore wrote various books, which remain as relevant today as ever. His book Gold Wars represents the high point of his long career. His desire to offer the world in-depth knowledge outside the mainstream is something we (his daughter and I as his students) wish to foster on these pages.

This website gives you an overview of the history of money that extends back to its origins. It also conveys the enormous personal knowledge of Ferdinand Lips, which he acquired over his decades-long career as a banker. He was an expert on the precious metals industry. And his reputation as an advocate of gold to protect against the rising tide of inflation was internationally renowned.

We have granted you access to speeches and book excerpts of Ferdinand Lips that offer you deep insight into the Austrian School of Economics. Ferdinand Lips was strongly influenced by the thoughts of this group, especially by such notable political economists as Wilhelm Röpke, Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises as well as Max Weber and Jaques Rueff. You will also be introduced to the opinions and viewpoints of Riccardo, Lord Acton and Alexis de Tocqueville as well as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who made history as guiding intellectual forces in favor of classical Liberalism.

We want to show you the significant role gold plays within a liberal social system in guaranteeing the preservation of our greatest possession – the freedom of mankind.

This is a website for inquisitive people. It offers you the possibility to gain new insights step by step and expand your knowledge for the benefit of your loved ones and yourself.

We wish you many hours of inspiring reading.

Claudio Grass, student of Ferdinand Lips