5. August 2012

   Claudio Grass from Global Gold explains why and how Gold protects your wealth


August 1st, 2012. In the midst of the summer doldrums with a gold price flirting with the $ 1600 level and a silver price around $27 per ounce, Claudio Grass recorded his view on today’s economic climate. He is the managing director at Global Gold in Switzerland, a precious metals firm that provides a unique service for individual investors, professional investors and individuals who are concerned about protecting their assets against the ongoing debt crisis.

In an audio podcast of some 50 minutes, Claudio Grass shares a wealth of information and insights. He explains what the main reasons are to be invested in gold, as well as which gold investments you should consider. The podcast is well-structured and has six chapters:

  • Introduction: Austrian vs Keynesian economics
  • The current macro-economic trends
  • The most important insights from monetary history
  • The current state of the gold market & why gold is not in a bubble
  • The different gold investment options & why to avoid paper gold
  • How Global Gold can help protect your future

Clearly, the vision of Global Gold is that the Gold bull market is far from over and that the current economic climate provides the ideal conditions for a continuation of the rising Gold price. Global Gold is able to show that Gold is not in a bubble today, based on plain facts. By reviewing the different gold investment options, it appears that investing in physical Gold is the best solution to protect your  wealth and purchasing power. The ideas of Global Gold are influenced by the Austrian School of Economics; they are based on the idea that values of currencies are declining value and that fiat money has an intrinsic value of zero.

Listen to the podcast with Claudio Grass

If you want to learn more about the topic, Global Gold and GoldSilverWorlds recommend the detailed paper on Scribd and the unedited video presentation.

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  1. LePatron
    10. August 2012, 19:11 | #1

    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    Market analyst and GATA consultant Dimitri Speck today publishes at Safe Haven a study of what he concludes was a high-frequency trading attack on the gold futures market on June 7 that drove the price down $20 in two minutes. Speck concludes:

    “Although in the past central banks repeatedly intervened in the gold market, it is unlikely that this action was done by a central bank. In the field of high-frequency trading, the technical complexity and the necessary level of experience and specialization are probably too high. Therefore, a private financial institution must have done the high-frequency price manipulation to achieve a trading profit. This was a well-defined incident in thin trading, limited to a short time period and to a single market. These conditions make it ideal for a successful investigation by the regulatory authorities.”

    Maybe the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will look into the incident when it finishes with its investigation of the silver market — or when Hell freezes over.

    Speck’s analysis is headlined “A High-Frequency Attack on Gold” and it’s posted at Safe Haven here:


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