17. April 2012

Gold Wars now in Spanish available


Ferdinand Lips’ classic book Gold Wars, first published in 2001, is now finally also available in the global language of Spanish. Las Guerras del Oro is essential reading for a wide Spanish-speaking audience highly interested in gold, and we thank the GoldMoney Foundation for sponsoring its publication.

The original English edition was written at the outset of gold’s latest, more than decade-long bull market and has meanwhile become a landmark book among people who believe in honest, free-market money.
In this book, Swiss banker and monetary historian Ferdinand Lips provides a basic understanding of the concept of sound money and why gold repeatedly took on the role of money in all cultures through the ages (not by official decree, but through Competition as a Discovery Procedure as outlined by Friedrich A. von Hayek), and he also criticizes our existing financial system.
The Lips Institute, headed by Ferdinand Lips’ daughter Barbara Lipsseen here in an interview during the GATA London conference in 2011 – is therefore pleased that this brilliant translation is now ready for the many Spanish readers around the world.

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  1. Timothy
  2. 28. April 2012, 23:49 | #2

    Ferdinand Lips’s classic book was originally published in 2001 just at the time gold had begun its spectacular bull run from the spot price of around $270.00 to a whopping $1650.00 today. This book is perfect for anyone curious about monetary systems and how honest, free market money has always been a safe haven throughout the ages and the lack of honest money has been the cause of many past and current wars and atrocities; hence the book title.

    Please join me in spreading the word that this vital reading is now available to Spanish speaking students of Austrian Economics globally. .
    All my best,
    Kirsty Hogg Founder of Why Buy Gold? (and Silver!).

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