28. April 2012


Gold Wars – Thoughts from the Desk of a Gold and Silver Business Owner


Gold Wars is a blog designed and authored by Kirsty Hogg to address inflation, hyper-inflation, the long term manipulation of gold and silver, the gold standard, current economic events, peak oil and other related items. It is named “Gold Wars” in memory of Ferdinand Lips who wrote "Gold Wars. The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective". "In short: Because the world has forgotten the monetary role of gold, our world is in serious trouble. That is the one major reason for the worrisome state of the world. The abandonment of gold as money, of the discipline of gold, is the major reason if not the only reason why our world has become a very dangerous place. In my opinion, it is the biggest tragedy in world history." — Ferdinand Lips


Read more here: http://goldwars.blogspot.de/

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